GoHighLevel Review 2024: What We Think After Using it For 3 Years

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In this GoHighLevel review, we’re going to share our 3 years of real experience, unlike others who just list down the features which are already mentioned on their official website. 

We’re going to cover what is GoHighLevel, its pros & cons, the reasons why we switched to it, How we use it in our day-to-day life, pricing, and real snapshots. We hope this real experience-based HighLevel review will help you to easily decide whether you should pick it or not. 

So, Let’s get into it!

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What is GoHighLevel?

Before we dive into how we use it, let’s first understand what GoHighLevel is.

It is an all-in-one sales and marketing tool to scale businesses and start the journey to build customer relationships. It has all the tools for capturing more customers, nurturing clients, and closing leads to growth globally. Hence, it gives a solution to agencies who are struggling with the sales and marketing automation process. It also has a CRM tool that generates, automates, and manages leads. With this tool, it becomes very easy to manage leads while creating strong client relationships. 

Pros and Cons of GoHighLevel 


  • Affordable pricing 
  • All-one marketing and sales platform 
  • Nice combo of features 
  • Great customer support 
  • Offer a 14-day free trial 
  • Replace a variety of tools, including sale funnel, survey & form builder, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, product selling, and more. 
  • Create sub-accounts for clients by just paying for one agency account.


  • Sometimes highlevel takes time to load properly 
  • So many features can confuse new users. 
  • Need to spend quality time learning high-level. 

What We Used Before and Why We Switched to GoHighLevel?

In the initial years, our company didn’t have a CRM tool. We used to do everything manually, such as

  • Our sales department managed contacts, leads, sponsorship, and partnerships through Google Sheets and Drive.
  • Our company uses Screencastify to record calls and Calendly to schedule appointments.
  • WordPress to create land pages, forms, and funnels.
  • Gmail to send manual emails and Google Workspace for documenting.

Doing things manually was not only taking lots of business hours but also very difficult to track and analyze things. So, as a growing company, we were in need of a tool that can help us with Automation, CRM Management, Marketing, and Tracking.

And, then finally we first heard from the client; then the potential partner. They both praised GoHighLevel for being affordable and useful for marketing agencies. After hearing positive feedback, we finally decided to try to GoHighLevel for our agency. After the trial period, we felt that this is the right tool that we need. So, we end up purchasing the GoHighLevel starter plan ($97/month).

Top 3 reasons for choosing HighLevel over other tools

1) Nice Combo of Features: 

Highlevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform for automation, database management, sales, SMS, voicemail, email blasts, e-commerce, membership portals, surveys, forms, appointments, and many more features. You can also create sub-accounts for your clients and take snapshots of existing sales funnels to export for other marketing campaigns or brands. So, we found all the features in highlevel which we need as a growing marketing agency.

2) Affordable Price: 

Despite a long list of features, it is very affordable as compared to tools. The thing we like most about HighLevel is that we can create sub-accounts for clients by just paying for one agency account. So, this makes it more affordable for agencies like us who need to create sub-accounts for their clients without paying extra dollars.

3) Support: 

Another factor that influenced our decision was GoHighLevel’s support. It provides great support by giving access to its welcome course, priority support, call, help center, Facebook group, events, premium chat service, YouTube training videos, and announcements.GoHighLevel has worked with our company to make sure the transition to the tool was smooth. Without a supportive customer service team, the process would have been much more difficult and would’ve taken much longer for our team to learn the program.

GoHighLevel Review in Action: How we Use it and How it Can Help You?

Let’s now discuss the GoHighLevel review in detail and learn how we its features in day-to-day agency life. 

1) Easily Capture, Nurture, and Close Leads

With High Level, the lead generation process becomes very smooth because there are all the tools within the one platform that we need. Let’s talk briefly about it.

Capture New Leads: 

GoHighLevel makes it easy to capture strong leads and helps us to stay organized with all our projects. For capturing new leads, we have multiple options within the dashboard. You can create Funnels, Landing pages, Surveys, Forms, or schedule calls to capture new leads.

Nurture Leads into Customers:

For nurturing, there are many features, such as automated responses, follow-up campaigns, multi-channel campaigns to connect through different devices, and two-way communication to build close relationships with clients. Before GoHighLevel, our sales department was looking for a way to improve response rates and after using its nurturing features, we become able to get strong leads. 

Close More Deals:

Not only does GoHighLevel allow you to build personal relationships with clients, but this tool allows us to easily analyze results and keep track of leads. As a member, you can keep track of the progress of leads, collect payments, and will have an overview of the campaign. You can also integrate third-party tools into GoHighLevel, to see more advanced analytics data. 

2) Automate Marketing Tasks with WorkFlows 

The biggest problem we were facing was the manual handling of marketing tasks and processes. Most of the tasks are repetitive, so we used to handle those tasks manually. And as a result, it consumes lots of business hours which we can spend on other things to generate more leads. But with Highlevel our problem gets resolved. So, for automating business processes and tasks, we’re using the GoHighLevel Workflow feature. 

Workflow automation is all about designing the flow of work once. And after that, it will be completed automatically without any need for human input. We use workflows for multiple purposes, such as automation of guest blogging systems, onboarding new clients, online appointment booking, and many more marketing tasks. The following is the workflow automation that we’ve designed for the solar funnel. And this shows how the workflow automation process for nurturing the solar leads once we capture it. 

3) Set Triggers to Send Internal or External Notifications 

There are many times when we have to send notifications to our team or clients. Although these tasks are quick, they still require some time that could be used elsewhere. So, with Goghiglevel, you can use the triggers feature to send automatic internal or external notifications. There are many triggers available in GoHighLevel, such as birthday reminders, task reminders, orders submitted, the lead form submitted, or other sales opportunities. 

For e.g., We’re using a lead form submitted trigger for our Guest Blogging system. Whenever any lead submits a guest post form, we have a dedicated trigger for that. And our team automatically receives a notification that we’ve received a new guest post lead. From there, responsible team members can handle the lead.

4) Create Unlimited Sales Funnels

Every business nowadays uses sales funnels as a marketing strategy. We’re also building sales funnels for our business and clients as well. The best thing about HighLevel is you can create unlimited sales funnels, unlike other marketing tools. Highlevel comes with a built-in drag-and-drop builder using which we can easily create sales funnel pages. You can either host your funnel page on highlevel or use the Leadconnector plugin to embed funnel pages to your WordPress site.

You can either host your funnel page on a highlevel or use the Leadconnector plugin to embed funnel pages to your WordPress site. Also, we can integrate the tracking codes into sales funnels for measuring results at every stage of the funnel. 

On top of that, you can set workflow and trigger automation for sales funnels to capture, nurture, and close leads automatically. E.g. Recently, we built an automated roofing sales funnel with GoHighLevel to generate roofing leads using YouTube ads. It is a 3-step funnel with a conversational landing page, a form to capture the data, and an automated call schedule page. We automated the whole backend process with a highlevel and here is a quick overview of it: 

  • Tagging a lead with a roofing lead tag, 
  • Internal notifications to our team members of new leads, 
  • Automatically connected calls, 
  • Round-robin assignments to users if multiple sales reps 
  • Automated personalized voicemail drops to better serve the lead at every single step.
  • Follow-up reminders to the lead who booked the call. 
  • Leads that do not Book the Onsite Meeting automatically receive SMS Text Messages to Book and reach out if they have further questions.
  • If a Lead does not Book after an SMS Text Follow-Up, an automated Email is sent to a Sales Representative with the Lead’s Name and Phone Number for a Manual Follow-Up.

5) Create Surveys, Forms, and Build Websites

Before Highlevel, we were using a paid WpForms plugin to create forms. After purchasing Highlevel, we recreated those forms in highlevel and this helped us to cut down the entire cost of the WpForms Plugin. Now, we’re not using any form builder plugin as we create every form in a highlevel and then embed it into our WordPress site or highlevel sales funnel. Surveys and forms can be created and saved in the respective survey builder and form builder tabs. Within the survey/form builder tab, there are 3 tabs: 

The builder tab allows you to create the survey/ form by dragging questions onto a landing page. There are standard questions and custom questions that you can make and they will be saved within the custom fields tab.

The analyze tab allows you to look at the submissions over time.

The submissions tab allows you to look at the survey/form submissions and answers. 

Note: Surveys and forms can not be used as a live URL alone. We must insert them into a funnel or website landing page. 

Apart from this, you can also create an entire website using HighLevel. As of now, we’re not using this feature, because we already have a WordPress website.

Recently, GoHighLevel added a blog feature, and using it you can write, edit and publish SEO-friendly blog posts right in the HighLevel blog editor. 

6) Create Pipelines and Track Lead Opportunities

With the High-Level pipeline feature, we create different stages for the sales funnel to track the lead status. For E.g. We have built a pipeline for our guest blogging sales funnel and defined the different stages for guest post leads through which the lead will go through as shown below.

Once the pipeline is created, you can navigate to the opportunities tab to track leads. Firstly, choose the desired pipeline from the top and then select the data range. Now, you can track the status of each lead and where they are in the sales funnel process. Further, you can move the lead from one stage to another. 

7) Run Campaigns at No Extra Cost

The major chunk of money we spend on email marketing software to build, run, manage, and track email campaigns. But with HighLevel we also removed this cost, and we’re not using any email marketing software. Because we have this feature available right in the HighLevel dashboard. The best thing is it doesn’t only allow us to run email campaigns but also SMS, Messenger, Call, Voicemail, and many other campaigns for marketing. Plus, you can also integrate your highlevel account with Twilio to make and receive phone calls/SMS using standard web languages.

Apart from this, you can also check the performance of every campaign as given below. 

8) Automate Appointments Booking

Have you ever realized how much time we spend following up with clients to match availability and finalizing an appointment? It takes time. Right?

At SDS Digitals, we offer free consultation calls to our clients who are interested in taking our services. But every time we cannot manually follow up with them to fix the appointment. To get rid of this situation, we automated the appointment booking process with HighLevel and calendly. So, what we do is, we have a dedicated high-level sales funnel that is integrated with our CEO’s calendly account and highlevel automation. 

Wherever any client wants to book a call with our CEO, they can visit our free consultation landing page. From there, they can enter their details and pick a time to automatically book a free consultation call. In the backend, the lead will be sent to our Highlevel CRM to handle further processes automatically. Such as sending internal notifications to our CEO including call timing, lead data, and other necessary information which our CEO needs before joining the consultation call.  

9) Manage, Organize, and Analyze Your CRM Easily 

Highlevel is a CRM tool that allows you to easily manage and organize your contacts. We currently have 19,980 contacts in our database, many of which are segmented with tags.Tags help us to easily manage our huge contacts. For example, for every roofing lead, we add a roofing tag and for guest posts, we add a “guest post” tag to better differentiate our contacts and it also helps us to better engage with our leads. Managing contact lists individually can take a very long time. But you can use the bulk action feature to manage large groups of contact. It allows you to:

  • Merge, 
  • Export or import
  • Delete, 
  • Add or remove the tag,
  • Send an email or SMS, 
  • Add to a campaign, 
  • Move in the pipeline,

10) Sell and Collect Payments 

With GoHighLevel, you can also collect payment using invoices or directly sell services, physical or digital products, and receive payment by integrating with third-party payment gateways. 

Create and Manage Invoices:

Based on your needs, you can create one-time or recurring invoices for your clients. And easily manage all of your invoices in a single place. 

Create and Sell Products:

You can create products directly from a high-level dashboard whether it is a physical, digital product, or service, and sell these products using sales funnels. 

Apart from products, you can also create coupon codes for better marketing. All you need to do is navigate to the coupon tab and create as per your needs. 

Collect Payments and Track Transactions:

For collecting payment, you can integrate with third-party payment gateways such as NMI, Autorize.net, Stripe, and Paypal. Within the dashboard, you can also create or handle tax. Analyzing purchases and revenue is most important, so without any third-party tool you can track orders, subscriptions, and transactions within your highlevel account. 

GoHighLevel Features and Pricing

The following screenshots show what features you will get and how much these features will cost you if you buy individual tools for that purpose. The pricing of the high level is quite affordable as compared to other tools. On top of that, it comes with a huge list of features that make it worth it for agencies. 

At SDS Digitals, we’re using a starter plan which comes with all the features that we need and it costs us $97/month. If you want more features, then you can also try the unlimited plan, which costs you $297/month. But for starting, we think the starter plan is a good fit. 

Final Thoughts on GoHighLevel Review

Personally, we found GoHighLevel is the perfect all-in-one sales and marketing tool. It is a nice combo of pricing and features compared to other competitors such as HubSpot or Salesforce. GoHighLevel not only helped us to save thousands of dollars that we were spending on individual tools. But it also saved lots of business hours with its marketing automation tools. 

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